The West End Arts District


Last year, the website Thrillist dubbed Portsmouth’s West End the “Brooklyn of New Hampshire.” Much like Brooklyn the West End has been experiencing a trend in house price increases and has developed into an area of entrepreneurship and art.

Tucked in the West End is a 50 seat studio theater. The West End Studio Theatre (WEST) is NH Theatre Project’s home venue. In addition to New Hampshire Theatre Projects own productions other performance companies like Carpe Diem Products and Act One present their work here.  WEST is located 959 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH. Just look for the big 959 numbers when driving down Islington Street.

Another nonprofit with an art related mission is the Portsmouth Music and Arts Center (PMAC). They are a nonprofit community music and arts school. Their mission is to build community through the arts by providing opportunities for people to achieve their creative potential. They take pride in that they have inspired thousands of music and art students since they were founded in 2002.

The West End and Portsmouth overall is fortunate to be able to support the arts.